PT9004: Castle hire large, member

Castle hire large, member  photo
  • Category: PT
  • No Pieces: 10
  • Rent: $60.00


Large Bouncy Castle 

Measurements: 4.37m x 4.07m x 3.87m high


When the tropical castle is inflated, the dimensions are 4.37m x 4.07m and 3.87m high.
The folded dimensions for transportation are approximately 1m x 1m x 2m
The tropical castle weighs 73kg (a trolley is provided to help move it).
The tropical castle can support up to 360kg when inflated (so an adult can jump on with the kids!)

Our Castle contract castle contract updated august 2015.doc

How to set up the castle:

How to fold the castle :




1x Castle
1 x Blower
1 x Extentsion cord
1 x Safety plug
1 x Tarpaulin
4 x Pegs
1 x instructions

Alert! Bond of $60 to be paid as extra and will be refunded once castle and bits returned AND it has gone back out to ensure it is in good condition. It may take 2-3 weeks to return bond because of this.
Warnings! Not for commerial use

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