RD04: Duplo Steam Train

Duplo Steam Train  photo
  • Category: RD
  • No Pieces: 58
  • Manufacturer: Lego
  • Age: 2 years plus
  • Rent: $2.50
  • Storage: : Original Packaging


 Young children can become the train driver with the Push & Go motor — a gentle push either forwards or backwards sends the train on its way and a firm hold or lift off the tracks will make it stop. Help them place the 5 coloured action bricks along the track to sound the horn, turn the lights on and off, pause and refuel, change direction and stop the train wherever they like. With a train station, coal tipper, 2 DUPLO figures plus an animal figure and a simple toy train track included in this LEGO DUPLO set, preschoolers can enjoy classic, fun train play. Download the optional app to unlock even more play possibilities, including remote-control function and fun activities to complete with your toddler!

  • Features a buildable Push & Go locomotive with lights and sounds, passenger carriage, 5 colour-coded action bricks, train station, coal tipper, tree and 16 pieces of track.
  • Accessory elements include a refueling can, suitcase, bread and a spade.
  • Any toddler can start the steam train with a gentle push forwards or backwards, and stop it by placing their hand firmly on top of the engine.
  • Show your child how to place and move the 5 coloured action bricks around the track so the train follows their instructions to sound the horn, turn on the lights, refuel, change direction or stop.
  • Extend the play possibilities of this LEGO® DUPLO® set by downloading the free app with remote-control function and fun activities for young children to complete.




1 x Grey Board and track attached
3 x Grey straight track
12 x Grey curved track
2 x Black bases of train
1 x Red Engine with battery cover underneath
1 x Yellow Engine roof
1 x Red Carriage
2 x Black Carriage roof
1 x Yellow Tipper
1 x Black Tipper joiner
2 x Red Roof
1 x Red square plate 16 stud
1 x Red Window
1 x White window
2 x Dark Blue 8 Stud block
1 x Light Blue 8 Stud block
2 x Light Blue Sloping 4 Stud Block
1 x light Blue Clock
1 x White 16 stud Plate
4 x Green 2 Stud sloping block
1 x Green 4 Stud block
1 x Grey 4 stud block
1 x Dark Blue Post Stand
1 x Brown Round Block
5 x Coloured action blocks
1 x Driver
1 x Girl
1 x Squirrel
1 x Luggage
1 x Yellow Chair
1 x Bread sticks
1 x Light Blue Petrol can
1 x Grey Shovel


Suggestions to clean : Wipe with soft cloth , Electronics - Do not place in water 

Warnings! Electronics - Do not place in water