RO01: Road Signs and Boom Gate

Road Signs and Boom Gate  photo
  • Category: RO
  • No Pieces: 28
  • Manufacturer: Anko
  • Age: 3 years plus
  • Rent: $3.50


 Play fun for use with bike or scooter.  Get to know the road signs and what to do .  Boom Gate : manually operated. 


Road Signs :
3 x Signs
6 x Grey poles
3 x Black bases
3 x Black joiners

Boom Gate :
2 x Red and White poles
4 x White poles
3 x Black joiners
2 x White elbow joiners
1 x Black base
1 x black handle arm

Warnings! Not for under 3yrs. Do not swing on the Boom Gate, is plastic will not hold weight.